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Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz is the creation of two partners: Johnnie H Rominger and Trevor J Flanagan.  These two have been friends for a long time, ever since they first met in kindergarten.  At a young age, they developed a bond that would go on to last over 30 years.

Bad Lizard is the result of Johnnie and Trevor creating a company that provides a service that they themselves would want.  They pay strict attention to detail in their other businesses, and were disappointed with the quality and professionalism of fabrication work in which they themselves were customers.  Being unsatisfied with what was available in the area, they felt that they could provide something better.  So, in early 2013, they began to hatch the ideals and characteristics that Bad Lizard would go on to demonstrate.  In May, Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz came to be an official WV born and bred company.  And that summer, along with some of the area’s finest stone fabricators and installers, they opened up their fabrication facility in Clarksburg, WV.  Their mission statement is simple:  To give the client the utmost in quality craftsmanship, and to display professionalism with each and every interaction.

The biggest question they get is “How did you come up with the name Bad Lizard?” Let’s here the answer from a co-owner:

“I still remember it clearly.  Trevor and I were having dinner one night at a local restaurant and we were discussing all of the hurdles we had to clear in setting up a new stone fabrication facility.  We were still bouncing different names off of each other.  Some of the ideas were: Diamond Granite, Clarksburg Stone Fabrication, Premier Stone, and so on.  But none of them really got us excited.  We decided that whatever the name was, it needed to come with a mascot. This way we could have our mascot at home shows and in parades and really draw attention to ourselves.  We knew that we really needed to set ourselves apart from the competition, and that we wanted to have a lot of fun with this new business.  So Bad Lizard was born.  Our lizard’s name is GQ, granite and quartz………. get it?  If you look really close at our logo he has a GQ tattoo on his shoulder.  GQ might be a bad lizard, but he’s sophisticated, too, so we gave him a top hat, bowtie and cuffs.  We pride ourselves on being a classy business, and it shows in everything that we do."

"When it’s all said and done, we want people to remember us. When people have a get-together, it never fails that everyone winds up in the kitchen at some point.  So when someone asks our customer who did their countertops, we want them to remember that Bad Lizard did them.  They’re not going to remember Diamond Granite or Clarksburg Stone Fabrication, but they’ll remember Bad Lizard.  Not just for the cool name, but also for the quality, professionalism, and cleanliness that we displayed.  And, if we’re lucky, they may even still remember the phone number, 304-GRANITE."


Finding our location can be a little bit tricky (thanks, GPS!). No worries, we'll guide you right to our front door.


Seriously, we have the easiest phone number possible to remember. Give us a call today at 304-GRANITE (304-472-6483).