3 Simple, but Seldom Seen Traits

by Johnnie Rominger

First of all, we only provide the highest quality craftsmanship when it comes to your stone surface needs.  Our quality work will be on display forever in your home, therefore we strive for superiority.  An example of that quality is we do not joint seams around your sink.  Even though it is an industry accepted installation method, we feel it is worth the extra time and difficulty to put seams (if seams are necessary) in corners or other parts of the countertop.  The finished product looks much more elegant, and our customers appreciate that.  We also do all of our edge profiling by hand.  This allows us to not only have extremely smooth profiles, but we go the extra mile and even polish underneath the edge so that when the customer feels the top and bottom of their new countertop, they get a nice smooth touch with no resistance.  Polishing by hand also knocks off any sharp corners that would be susceptible to chipping.  When inside corners or outside corners are fabricated, such as the corners of an island, we cut to radius.  A radius not only displays our custom craftsmanship, it also functions as a level of protection against a crack developing due to impact or settling.  These are just a few examples of the level of quality that we offer in each and every job that we do.

The finished product looks much more elegant, and our customers appreciate that.

Secondly, we wanted to provide a large selection for our customers to choose from.  Granite is natural, and therefore has many “birthmarks”.  No two slabs are identical, even when they were cut directly after one another.  It’s hard to choose a granite color for your home using a 6”X6” sample in a showroom.  That small sample size will not always tell the whole story of what that particular granite looks like.  We stock numerous complete slabs of granite in our warehouse.  When a customer comes to our facility, they can pick the actual slab(s) that will be used to fabricate their project.  In certain instances, our customers can even choose what part of the slab will be used in specific areas of their kitchen.  For example, a particular granite may have a lot of “flavor” in one quadrant of the slab and we can take that “flavor” and use it on their island.  That way they have that particular granite’s feature emanating from the center of their kitchen.  We carry granite colors that range from simple patterns to very exotic.  This way we can provide granite to match just about anyone’s budget.  And whether you decide on one of our basic granites or one of our extreme exotics, every job comes with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that Bad Lizard is known for.

It’s hard to choose a granite color for your home using a 6”X6” sample in a showroom.

Third, we provide professionalism.  Every customer is important to us.  Without customers, we wouldn’t exist. Therefore, the customer’s complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  At the heart of it all, we are a contractor. And we're out to change the perception of the contractor experience.  When you're having us into your home for a consultation, construction work, templating, or the installation, you'll notice that we're friendly, knowledgeable, and clean cut. We're going to treat your home like its our home.  One of the first things we’ll do is lay down canvas over all of the flooring that we’ll be walking or working on.  And we’re very careful in not damaging any of your cabinetry or appliances. You won’t see our team members smoking and you won’t hear any foul language.  And, when we’re done, we'll do a thorough cleaning of your cabinets, appliances, and flooring.  We’re always striving to improve our services. We ask that you please tell us anything that we could’ve done better.  This is how you can help us improve, and, therefore, better the Bad Lizard experience.


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